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Does Your Website Need High Quality Web Design?

When it comes time for you to create a new website or redesign an existing one, you may be tempted to pull out all of the stops and utilize all of the latest trends to make the site as cutting edge as possible. However, you may not always need to do so. Before you concern yourself with the design of the website, concentrate on its aims. Figure out exactly what type of audience you are trying to reach. If you are trying to lure in customers or users that do not have lots of web experience,  Read More →

Web Design Fundamentals: The Dos and Don’ts

Learning the fundamentals of web design is not something that can be simply done overnight. After all, this is something that typically takes years of practice. However, there are some basic dos and don’ts that can be helpful as you begin to learn about web design. When it comes to things that you should do when designing a website, keep in mind that you should always stick to a color scheme. This helps to keep your website uniform while also serving as a potential navigational tool for users. Furthermore, do take the time to consider  Read More →

Learn Web Design In A Short Period of Time

You may want to design your own websites or do web design for a living. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend years learning web design. Below are some steps you can use to learn it quickly. 1. Set Aside an Hour a Day Each day, study and practice web design for at least one hour. You’ll be surprised by how much you learn in a few short weeks. 2. Use Online Tutorials Most of what you need to learn is available on the net for free in the form  Read More →

Web Design Tutorials, Tricks, and Tips

Whether you have always had a knack for getting creative and designing various pieces of art, or if you just enjoy working online and you are interested in building an online presence, utilizing web design tutorials, tricks, and tips can allow you to dive into an entirely new medium of design. When you make websites online, you are able to broadcast them to the entire world, eliminating boundaries and opening up new possibilities of sharing your creations. Learning all about web design does not mean that you  Read More →

What to Avoid When Learning Web Design

Learning web design today is a great skill set to have with the technological advances we have made in the past decade. When you are learning web design, there are a few tips that will allow you to move forward without falling into traps that may hurt your web design skills rather than help them grow. Avoiding clutter is one of the biggest decision a web designer can make, regardless of the project and in some cases, even the client’s requests.  Read More →

Web Design. The Key To Reach Millions

Building a website to boost your business or to share a message requires a complete understanding of the audience you want to target and appeal to upon launch. When you want to build a website with the intention of “going viral” or reaching millions, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you to accomplish your goals without investing in a PR and marketing firm along the way. First, gathering information about the type of audience you are looking to reach is key, including details about  Read More →

Why You Need Web Design to Make An Impact

Web design is an essential part of many businesses ranging from small start up businesses to fully-grown corporations and non-profit organizations. Utilizing web design is necessary in today’s society and it is essential to help with making an impact in the industry and field you represent. When you are considering launching a website, there are a few reasons to do so that will allow you to reach the audience you intend while also helping others to remember your company and website to come back  Read More →

The Evolution of Web Design and Graphics

Web and graphic design have come a long way since the release of the internet and computers to the general public. When the internet was first released, graphics were much more pixelated and grainy than they are today (with much lower resolutions as well). Many graphics that were first widely-popular when the internet became popular with the general public included “bitmap” format graphics and “clip art” style images as well. Web design was very minimal  Read More →